Quickie Post Monday!

Mar 9, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Design Related

Easy post today folks. I wanted to toss in a few links to share some of my resources with all you designers out there.

Seamless Textures has some really nice textures to pull from – paper, grunge, fabric, etc. These guys make it easier to play around with all the retro and grunge designs.

I found this really cool site called Your Fonts. You can fill out their worksheet and send it back to them and it will generate a font based on your own handwriting. Pretty sweet! I’m hoping to play with it later this week.

And finally, for two of the all around best resources I’ve found online….wait for it……Web Resources Depot and Smashing Magazine. Tons of everything: tutorials, css resources and Photoshop awesomeness. Many of you are probably well aware of these, but for the wayward traveler or new-to-the-design world, I thought I’d pass these on.

That’s it! Happy Monday! 

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