Ahnimisha Consulting: Innovative Business Solutions

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For Abby Foster working in the business consulting industry was not just an everyday 9 to 5 job, this was her passion. Which is why it was no surprise when she decided to follow it fully and start her own business early in 2011 — Ahnimisha. They provide business solutions for everything from Information Technology integration to Human Resource management. The name, Ahnimisha Consulting, was inspired by the Native American Choctaw tribe. Ahni in Choctaw language means think and misha means beyond; together they represent  the underlying concept behind the company.

A few months ago Abby, a Houston resident, took the time to visit our Baton Rouge office to conduct her creative briefing. For Drift, collaborating with a newer company is always sure fun. We see it as a chance to help build a strong sense of branding through design from the ground up. During this meeting we discussed what she needed and expected from the project.  The amount of creativity and colaboration between the client and ourselves always leads to a great and effective end product.  We got to work right away on a logo, website, and business cards for her. All combined provided Abby with the perfect package to brand her company and herself as an individual.

Check out an overview of Ahnimisha’s product package here: http://www.driftwebdesign.com/clients/ahnimisha-consulting.html



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