Twitter for Business 101

Jul 24, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Featured Articles, For Your Business, General

We’ve had many questions regarding Twitter over the past several months from clients, peers and in consultations. “What is this ‘twitter thing’?” “How can it help me?” and so on…

We’re happy to see that Twitter has also heard these questions and decided to address them directly…and not just to individuals, but to direct the answers to businesses themselves. Yesterday, Twitter launched a 101 Guide for businesses. You can read the full guide here.

Within the guide Twitter addresses what business can get out of using Twitter. Ultimately, it is a fast and personal way of getting feedback and listening to what the community is saying about your company. It allow business to connect to their clients in a way never before possible. In addition to the fast feedback and communication, Twitter lets you build relationships on a more personal level. “As marketers say, it shrinks the emotional distance between your company and your customers.”

As a business tool, it goes so much further than just a status update talking about what coffee you had this morning. We’ve personally found it is a great way to share community information and industry knowledge.

So. What are you waiting for? Check out the article, read some Getting Started Tips or Best Practices and get on board the social media bandwagon. You might find you’re enjoying the ride.

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